Reggio Emilia Inspiration

"Being able to work in an organization that appreciates and fosters the Reggio approach is a dream come true." — Bette Lynch, SHED Children's Campus


Curious kids smelling flowersSHED Children’s Campus is an independent, nationally recognized nonprofit offering Reggio Emilia inspired programs for children and youth ages 2.5 to 15 years.

At SHED, Reggio Emilia inspired means:

  1. We see your child as competent, curious, and creative.
  2. Our learning takes place through relationships.
  3. Expression occurs through multiple languages.
  4. Questions and interests guide the learning.
  5. Documentation helps us reflect and advance.

Cultivating Curious Kids

child painting

Your child is naturally curious.

At SHED Children's Campus, our Reggio Emilia approach to education nurtures your child's curiosity — that natural, innate desire to inquire.

We observe and listen intently to your child.

We respond with what we think will inspire your child to be even more curious and the learning grows.

At SHED Children's Campus, curiosity creates the learning.

Learning in Motion


We continuously document your child's thinking, interests, and interactions to make them more visible.

We listen closely. We don't make assumptions or give answers that stop us from listening and your child from learning.

We are always researching —

  • Investigating new ways to let your child explore
  • Capturing your child's experience through documentation
  • Using that insight to enhance our understanding of your child
  • Making each next experience more purposeful and meaningful

We learn alongside your child in a constant evolution.

Nature-Based Education

Girl On Ball

In Reggio, the environment is the Third Teacher. Our home on the stunning campus of Phillips Academy gives your child a pastoral setting in which to learn and explore.

Your child experiences New England seasons in all their glory. Spring is wet. Summer is green-on-green. Fall bursts fiery orange, then fades to Winter white.

We have 15 organic gardens in which your child farms, plays, and learns. We have trees to climb, woods to explore, hills to sled. SHED Children's Campus gives your child two acres of nature to enjoy all year.

Going to the Source of Joy

SHED Educators say good bye to Reggio

SHED Children's Campus it committed to the Reggio Emilia philosophy of education. We sponsor regular training for our educators and recently sent four educators to Reggio Emilia, Italy, where the philosophy first developed.

Bette Lynch, Dina Hurley, Shana Hall, and Emily Melo, spent a week at the Municipal Infant-Toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia. It was a joyful and valuable experience and the four have shared their insights with staff and parents, and integrated their learning into our programs.

As we continue to be Reggio Inspired, four more educators will travel to Italy this spring.

SHED Educators discuss Reggio Emilia Inspiration and Their Visit to Italy