Training Calendar for the 2017/2018 school year

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm in the Kid’s Club building at SHED Children’s Campus

Behavior guidance instruction

November 15: Behavior Guidance

We will discuss how to create an atmosphere where children can succeed – where children are accepted for who they are. How can we learn to recognize our “hot buttons” & help children recognize their own? We will learn techniques to work through problems together with children.

Trainer: Dina Hurley


STEM activities

January 10: Fall in Love with the World of STEM

Encourage experimenting, tinkering, building, observing, exploring, problem solving & creating. Take part in an interactive workshop to find out how to incorporate STEM activities into your daily programming.

Trainer: Karen Ulbin


Environmental training

March 7: Environment is the Third Teacher

Discover how your classroom environment plays the role of the third teacher. Together we will expand our thinking beyond room arrangement & devise ways to invite discovery & curiosity within the classroom. What does the environment “teach” those who are in it?

Trainers: Karen Ulbin & Shana Hall


Garden Growers

March 21: Garden Growers

If they grow it – they will try it! Let’s talk about how children can learn from getting their hands dirty in the garden. What are the benefits of children working in their own garden? How can we create gardens with children – even if we don’t have a green thumb?

Trainer: Linda Shottes-Bouchard



April 11: Mindfulness in Our Day

Let’s take a moment to pause & reflect on our day – how can we bring a calm & positive energy into our work with children? Let’s work to pass along this important life skill to the children.

Trainer: Linda Shottes-Bouchard


Get INto the Outdoors

May 16: Get INto the Outdoors

We will discuss the importance of children being in the outdoors & how we can create environments that support play & exploration in your outdoor setting. How can we bring the outdoors in? Take part in activities that embrace nature & the great outdoors.

Trainer: Dina Hurley



Professional Training Details:

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Location: Kid’s Club building at SHED Children’s Campus, 65 Phillips Street, Andover, Massachusetts 01810
For more information call: 978-684-5055