The Art of Getting Dirty

July 11, 2017By Shana HallOrganic Gardens, Outdoors Nature

  “Look at the mud pie I made!”, “Want to help me plant these seeds?” , “I wonder how high the sunflower we planted will grow?”, “Let’s climb this tree!” are all phrases and questions heard from the children everyday. We are fortunate enough to have so many outdoor and open playspaces on our campus. … Read More

The Three Chicks

May 29, 2017By Karen UlbinOutdoors Nature

  This blog was written by Ella Vidoni, Michael Smith and Mia Vidoni.  It awesome to read their observations of our newly hatched chicks.  The children have experienced first hand the cycle of the egg. As you may know, we have baby chicks at Kid’s Club!!  There are three chicks named Fluffy, Abby and Rocky.  We … Read More

Snow Creativity

December 22, 2016By Dina HurleyOutdoors Nature, Reggio Emilia

It is amazing to see how just a little bit of snow causes excitement in children. It is also amazing to see what can be created with that little bit of snow. Here at Kid’s Club we have seen snowmen & snow forts – staples of childhood & winter. What we love to see is … Read More

Let it Snow!!!

November 30, 2016By Dina HurleyMindfulness, Our Community, Outdoors Nature

Do you remember that feeling, as a child, when you saw the first snowflake of the season? Did you run around excited – looking for your mittens – ready to make a snowman? I think most of us did!  We loved snow & all of the fun that came with it!!! Did that change as … Read More

Children at the Shore

July 27, 2016By Dina HurleyOutdoors Nature, Reggio Emilia

The beach has always been a place that I loved as a child.  As an adult, I still love the ocean – being at the beach – toes in the sand, sun on my face, waves at my feet. I am lucky, as an adult, to experience the beach with children in my work.  I still … Read More