Our Board Members are Talking

Max Dawson
Board Member

Max has served on the SHED Children's Campus board for over two years. His two children attend Kid's Club and the Summer program. Max loves that SHED gives us back something so precious that we are losing in our fast-paced, computer-driven age — and that is the time to be kids again.

Sam Reeves

Sam, our President, has two children in Kid's Club, which he calls a superior child-enrichment program. Sam appreciates our beautiful campus on Phillips Academy — our Reggio third teacher — no other children's program in the area can offer your child such a picturesque and natural setting to explore.


Paul Finger
Past President

A Board member for over 30 years, Paul is a past Board President. His children, Erica and Greg, attended SHED and Kids Club, and worked at Kids Club during high school. Paul remembers when Andover parents camped out overnight at the Shawsheen School to get a slot in the SHED program, which had limited enrollment and a first-come-first-serve registration process. Valuing the quality child care that SHED provided to working families in Andover and recognizing the need to expand the programs and find them a new home, Paul was instrumental in the development of SHED Children’s Campus at Phillips Academy.

Paul owns Waltham-based Paul Finger Associates, a landscape architecture firm that provides consulting services related to land development. His areas of expertise include civil engineering, landscape architecture, hydrology, ecology, site planning, and permitting.


All Board Members

SHED Children's Campus Board consists of:

  • Sam Reeves, President
  • Sharon Kramer, Treasurer
  • Chris Crews, Clerk
  • Max Dawson, Board Member
  • Mark Kristiansen, Board Member
  • Therese Leone, Board Member
  • Carol Lowenstein, Past President
  • Linda Shottes-Bouchard, Executive Director

Children Pick Cherry Tomatoes in One of Our Organic Gardens

Organic Garden Little Tomatoes