Helping Friends in Times of Need

April 3, 2018By Karen UlbinOur Community

We are blessed to have generous and caring families within our program!!! As some families might remember, in February there was a house fire in North Andover, leaving 2 families homeless. One of our interns from the TOPS program who has been working for us over the past 2 years, lived in this home with … Read More

An Invitation to Tinker

January 26, 2018By Shana HallOur Community

  Recently, the directors from our preschool and after school programs visited a local public school that has transformed one of their classrooms into a Masker Space and were instantly inspired. We came back and  sent out emails asking our families to donate recyclables, electronics and anything else they were happy to be rid of … Read More


November 22, 2017By Dina HurleyOur Community

Here we are –  that time of year when we talk about feeling thankful.  It is an important discussion & focus –  one we should think about all year. Life is not always easy but we can choose to embrace what makes us feel grateful – we can choose to be happy. Here are just … Read More

Everything is Learning

November 9, 2017By Dina HurleyReggio Emilia

  Today we were lucky to visit the most amazing school at the Loris Malaguzzi Institute. The mentor teacher that introduced us to the school said to us, “Everything is learning.” I realized, as I wrote those words in my journal, that the statement would stick with me for a long time. It is a … Read More

Embracing the Culture

November 8, 2017By Dina HurleyReggio Emilia

The sun came out today in Reggio & we were so happy to see & feel its warmth! We began the day with a lecture on finding the connections in the environment that will support children’s thinking – so much great information. I  We were then very happy to have the afternoon off to explore … Read More

Experience the Wonder!

November 7, 2017By Dina HurleyReggio Emilia

The last time I visited Reggio Emilia for the study tour, a statement I heard played over & over in my head – “As teachers we must experience the wonder with the children.” This sentiment or mantra is so important to our time with children. Today at the institute we were lucky to experience that … Read More

Freedom to Choose Opportunities

November 6, 2017By Dina HurleyReggio Emilia

Listening to the amazing women at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center speak with pride & passion about their work with children in Reggio Emilia is so inspiring! There is an incredible amount of  wisdom in their words & experiences. There is so much more I want to learn. One particular statement stood out for me … Read More

The Process Matters & can be delicious!

November 5, 2017By Dina HurleyReggio Emilia

Today we were delighted to tour the Cavazoine balsamic vinaigrette factory in the hills of Reggio Emilia Italy. We began the journey in the rain on a bus.  We later arrived at the top of the winding uphill roads to be blessed by parting clouds.! The beauty was clearly there for us to enjoy. We … Read More

The Art of Getting Dirty

July 11, 2017By Shana HallOrganic Gardens, Outdoors Nature

  “Look at the mud pie I made!”, “Want to help me plant these seeds?” , “I wonder how high the sunflower we planted will grow?”, “Let’s climb this tree!” are all phrases and questions heard from the children everyday. We are fortunate enough to have so many outdoor and open playspaces on our campus. … Read More