The Art of Getting Dirty

July 11, 2017By Shana HallOrganic Gardens, Outdoors Nature

  “Look at the mud pie I made!”, “Want to help me plant these seeds?” , “I wonder how high the sunflower we planted will grow?”, “Let’s climb this tree!” are all phrases and questions heard from the children everyday. We are fortunate enough to have so many outdoor and open playspaces on our campus. … Read More

The Three Chicks

May 29, 2017By Karen UlbinOutdoors Nature

  This blog was written by Ella Vidoni, Michael Smith and Mia Vidoni.  It awesome to read their observations of our newly hatched chicks.  The children have experienced first hand the cycle of the egg. As you may know, we have baby chicks at Kid’s Club!!  There are three chicks named Fluffy, Abby and Rocky.  We … Read More

Rainy Day Play

April 6, 2017By Dina HurleyOur Community

“When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles.” – Pooh Bear It is pretty simple – children NEED to play.  It does not matter what the temperature is or what the sky is unleashing.  Humidity, freezing cold, snow or rain – all very play worthy. Sometimes on rainy days, when we are … Read More

Big Body Play

March 27, 2017By Shana HallMindfulness, Our Community, Reggio Emilia

  I recently posted about having a classroom consisting only of boys this year and how their play (compared to a classroom with a mix of boys and girls) gravitated more towards “big body play”. Rolling, running, crawling, and general horseplay are all common large motor activities one would find in our classroom at any … Read More

Our TOPS Friends

March 13, 2017By Karen UlbinOur Community

SHED Children’s Campus is fortunate to collaborate with TOPS program in Andover.   TOPS is a Transition Opportunity Program that serves young adults with disabilities, setting up vocational opportunities throughout the community. Our connection began with Maria Savord, who chose a career working with children. During her years at TOPS, Maria did her vocational internship here. … Read More

My Life With Boys

January 25, 2017By Shana HallOur Community, Reggio Emilia

I have been a teacher at SHED Children’s Campus for 12 plus years. I started in the after school program and made the switch to preschool last year. This year, my second year teaching preschool, has been a bit unique. We have a classroom of 10 boys. Not. One. Girl. It just happened that way. … Read More

Classroom with no Walls

January 13, 2017By Bette LynchOur Community

  This past Wednesday  was the first day of SHED Children’s Campus’ outdoor inspired program “Classroom With No Walls”. This program will offer children endless opportunities to cultivate wonder, curiosity, and discovery in the outdoors. The children enjoyed  painting with mud, climbing on boulders, and exploring the grounds behind the SHED and Kids Club buildings. … Read More

Happy New Year!

January 6, 2017By Dina HurleyOur Community

We are so happy to welcome in the new year at SHED Children’s Campus. It was wonderful to have a short break – to spend time with family & friends – to socialize, relax & play! However, it is rejuvenating to be back at SCC and we are ready to forge ahead with 2017. We … Read More